Goodbye, Google Reader!


If you’re a Google Reader user, you’ve probably gone through the five steps of grief like I have…or you’re stuck in one of them.

I was in denial for awhile (“No, they wouldn’t do that, would they? Would they?!?). Then I got angry; I knew there was no point in trying to bargain (what would I say? “Google, please, I’ll give you back 3G of space in my Gmail for just a few extra years with Reader?”). Depression set in, but then I found out about feedly and barreled right on through to acceptance.

Whether you’re ready or not, Google Reader is going away as of July 1st. Below are some alternative ways to follow Mark It Read:

  • Subscribe by email. This isn’t my personal cup of tea (I really, really love RSS readers), but some people enjoy getting updates about new posts by email. If that’s you, well, that’s cool. Just go to any page on my blog, and you’ll find a “Follow by Email” button in the left-hand sidebar.
  • Bloglovin. Bloglovin seems to be the successor-of-choice for fashion and lifestyle blogs. I don’t know what genre my blog is, per se, but I know that it’s a pretty universal platform. You can view a blog with its design and layout right in Bloglovin, as well as leave comments. To follow me via Bloglovin, just go here.
  • Feedly. I ended up choose feedly as my replacement-Reader because it’s no-frills. It’s easy to read and uses a lot of Reader’s options (titles only, scroll through mark-as-read, etc). You can customize color schemes if that’s your thing. You do have to click out of feedly to leave comments, but I enjoy giving pageviews to blogs I like enough to comment on anyway. I use it as an extension/app in Chrome, I’m not sure how well it gets along with other browsers. To follow on feedly, just go here.
  • Twitter. I push all of my posts to my twitter account of the same name, as well as other book-related updates and RTs.
  • Tumblr. Easy peasy, all of my posts get pushed to tumblr. Unlike twitter, my tumblr is just links to my posts, no off-topic ramblings or pretty pictures. Therefore, if you’re following me somewhere else, you probably don’t need to be following me there…unless you want to.

With the absence of Google Reader, I have a feeling there will be several other viable options very soon. It sounds like Digg has a work-in-progress RSS app, and only time will tell if there will be more. I hope you’ll continue reading after July 1st!