A Victory Garden Grows in Brooklyn.


A Victory Garden Grows in Brooklyn.

I’m currently reading Eat the City, a book about the New Yorkers past and present who fish, forage, plant and brew. I love New York City history, and wanted to share a photo I found. This is Elka Israel, chairman of the West Flatbush C. V. O. Victory Garden Committee, and her husband, Abraham, working in a community vegetable garden in 1945. Part of me wishes that agriculture was still a large part of our urban metropolis, but another part of me is thankful we have things like air conditioning on underground subways (especially on a day like today, where the heat index is 105!).

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Visual Heritage.


The Psychology of Abandonment – Why do you abandon books?


The Psychology of Abandonment - Why do you abandon books?

In lieu of today’s book review, which still sits unfinished on my computer, here is a fun infographic from Goodreads. I think the top reason I’ve abandoned books is certainly boredom, although an unlikable main character doesn’t help!

The Great Presidential Puzzle


The Great Presidential Puzzle

I’m currently reading a book about the election of James Garfield, and one of the most intense Republican National Conventions in history. Naturally I had to find a political cartoon to go with it. The distressed man is Roscoe Conkling, and Garfield isn’t even in the picture (which makes sense, with the whole “Dark Horse” thing).

Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.